Monday, June 21, 2010

A new day, a new way..

Good evening everyone,
today it's a strange and beautiful day at the same time. I'm a little stressed by this period of exams. I have to study a lot of history, English and Arabic. I'd like to be at the seaside with my boyfriend or my friends but at the moment it's just a wonderful dream..
On the other hand today my boyfriend and I celebrate our 10 months together and he gave me five beautiful and bright sunflowers. I've decided to publish some of my photos so that you are able to understand who I am and my face :)
I've cut my hair few months ago so if you see some photos of me with long hair don't worry.
What do you think? Am I better with long or short-hair? I'm so curious to find out your ideas.
Have a good night.
With love


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