Sunday, July 25, 2010

Sailor swimsuit @ Como lake

Villa d'Este

Villa Gallia: Hotel 6 star @ Como lake
Hi guys,
I'm completely happy beacuse today I spent a wonderful day with my dear love.
In the morning we went to Domaso, which is near Como, but unfortunately we couldn't put to sea beacuse there was too wind. For this reason we decided going to Cernobbio and rent a boat. Just an hour later we were in blue water. We shoot some photos and we had a lot of fun listening to the music, singing aloud, looking at the best villas ever such as Villa Oleandra which belongs to G. Clooney, Villa Versace, Villa Erba where Pitt and so on filmed Ocean 12, and last but not least the Villa where it was filmed Star wars and becoming sunburnt. I really love Como. <3>
It was so beautiful stay with him and share every single moment I like always more.
I couldn't be happier..
Have a good start of new week. Big kisses and hugs..


  1. It was a really great day!!i set such a wonderful day....
    I love those pictures....i want all of them!!

  2. great bathing suit for a day at the boat!