Sunday, October 24, 2010

High Heels

Hi guys, or better hi women. This post maybe is especially for women becuase today I decided to speak about high heels..
Which woman doesn't like high heels?

Even the tallest one likes it. They are able to make us feel better even they get our feet killed. High heels and rigorously 12 cm high are the best thing that in my opinion women can have on. They will feel us sexy, cute, elegant, tallest than normally, beautiful and womanish. Personally I really love high heels and this one that I wore are 15 cm high. When I was young I would have worn it but I felt like I was strange and too little woman to desire shoes that only mums could have on.
Finally I would say that even they are all wonderful, the most beautiful are models of Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik putting on by the dear Carrie in "sex and the city" and Casadei :)
I want to know: What do you think about heels??
Let me know your ideas.
Have a great end of week end

I was wearing:

Vintage heels
PINKO jeans
MAX AND CO black tee
H&M striped black and white jacket
ZARA black jacket
H&M necklace
ZARA pochette


  1. ...Ma questi tacchi-meraviglia???
    E complimenti x l'equilibrio, io ne ho messi un paio ieri e avevo tutte le caviglie storte x il so che tu sei allenata eheh!!!
    Un bacio Sus ;)

  2. Carissima Sus come ben sai adorando i tacchi e mettendoli praticamente spesso sono abituata.. Anche se confesso che questi magnifici tacchi 15 cm fanno traballare anche le mie caviglie :)
    un bacione immenso

  3. Wow O_O ! This shoes are fantastic! We love your hair color ( Claudia wants it so).

    Visit us! BYE BYE

  4. thank you so much for the comment!! I love These shoes.
    It passed so many time but my hair color is back!!

  5. Great shoes and great pictures!
    I want that heels!

  6. Thank you so much Jeni.
    I can say that you are right... this shoes are wonderful and confortable even if they don't seem to be!!

  7. omg these shoes are hot!! so jelous :P

  8. dear Nina you are so kind. You don't have to be jelous :) lol
    Thank you for the comment
    Bisous :)

  9. I love high heels, those are pretty!

  10. Thank you so much Carlinn..
    Si sweet

  11. Oh. My goodness. Those high heels are one of the most amazing pair I've ever seen. They are so killer! I love them! I want them! You lucky girl, you! <3

    xoxo coco

  12. Coco you Are so kind. I swear that if I find another pair of these shoes I will send you. Do you agree???

  13. Ma sono di topshop? Una mia amica ce li ha identici e li ha presi lì...

  14. NO no, non sono di Topshop... le ho prese in un negozio vicino a casa mia ma sono senza marca...

  15. cant believe those heels are vintage! looove them!
    as for my slashed skinnies.. they're from Anarchy Street!

  16. Thank you so much Aimee :)
    You are so kind!!
    Btw I've tried to take the slashed skinny jeans but they are sold out !! :( sigh
    Sooner I'll publish a post with my new Sergio rossi heels and i think u'll love them..


  17. wow che bellii!! Adoro i tuoi capelli *__*

    Se ti va passa dal mio blog:

  18. Grazie mille cara mynameisafashionista :)
    troppo gentile :):)

  19. fantastiche queste scarpe!! ti seguo cara!! seguimi anche tu se vuoi! baci!

  20. Grazie mille Paolina :):)
    sei fantastica...


  21. Wow your heels are gorgeous!
    I want new black suede heels for Christmas just like yours.

    x helena

  22. stupendi questi tacchi! hai proprio ragione non c'è nessuna donna che non ami i tacchi alti! donano eleganza e grazia a chiunque le indossi! (basta saperci camminare però ahaha) bel blog comunque!

  23. Complimenti per l'equilibio...!Io dopo 10 minuti sarei finita per terra!:D
    Carinissimo il tuo blog, non c'ero mai passata! Divento tua fan!:)
    Mi piacerebbe tu passassi da me e se ti va seguimi anche tu :D
    tanti baci

  24. Grazie particolare a HElena, Olga eCaterina :)
    siete veramente gentili :) un bacione
    and for Helena if I find any site in which there are some kinda of same shoes I'll link to you :)

  25. gorgeous!!!;)

  26. great heels!!
    Visit my blog if you like and follow me please:)


  27. great post
    love heels for sure :)

    please review my two new posts at:

    twitter @divalicious_m

  28. u have awesome fashion test,i love the true prep article,it was so hard because am not so good in italian but i did translate it ....
    and the most interesting thing,that i really like is (rule to dress "very preppy" )..
    keep it up arianna....