Monday, December 06, 2010

Nobody say it was easy..

Loneliness. Dirty and honey at the same time. It has just some eight note of sadness and bitterness.
When you lose someone you really are in love with, you feel deepy empty and alone. Today It's snowing outside my window and I feel like the white, soft, foamy snow falling from the sky and settling upon the earth. All seems like something is loosing his pride and his memories.. Snow reminds me all my good experiences one year so far. I was so glad and I used to love all the things surrounded me but now I'm loosing control. I'm losing my balance and my head. All is just silence and wounds. Things are losing his value and everyday I feel like there is no tomorrow without you. I believed it was forever or almost eternal but my mother once taught me that nothing is forever.
I used to deny this and continue on my way. After all we all know how young children are stubborn about believing his thoughts.
By the way I'm here to start over my life even if there are some grey, white and sad days. I'm here to begin my young and twenty-year-old life and even if you are not with me I promise I'll try to face every single difficulty.

With love Arianna


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  2. wow, this is beautiful and sad at the same time. So powerful.

    xo Carlina

  3. Thank you so much every one :)
    with love <3