Monday, December 20, 2010

Happy brunch

Hi guys, 
how are you?? Since in four days is my 20th birthday, yesterday I decided to celebrate it with my friends. I wanted to have brunch at Pandenus just to enjoy our food together and talking about everything. 
We had so much fun beacuse we spent two hours together where we talked about so many things such as universities, boys and clothes.. It was a Gossip Girl brunch.. I was gifted so many things such as a wonderful Accessorise bag all made with paillette and a gold flag over it, then I recieved a bow belt and a wonderful grey sweater by Hollister.. Now some photos of the beautiful place where we staied Pandenus and some of my friends..
Have a nice start of a new week..

Franci with the best hamburger ever :)

Franci, me and Susanna

Stefania, me and Vittoria

 Serena, Chiara and me