Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Unusual post

Hi guys today I didn't want to go out and for this reason I thought of shooting some photos at home..

The weather was absolutely awful. It was a cold and rainy day so I decided to shoot these easy photos at my house, exactly in my living room. Wendy my dog enjoyed herself jumping up and over my sofa. She would make every photo with me... Now enjoy these stupid and funny moments with me..

-2 to my birthday :) forgive me not :)


  1. i really love your smile,you've got awesome smile,you should always smiling ....
    and i really like your dog )))

  2. Thank you so much My Darling :) i really love My dog too beacuse she always wants to be' besides me.. She likes taking Photoshop so much :)

  3. she's so sweet,actually i like to take photo too...
    you seems love fashion and photos,i really admire this <3

  4. and about that she always want to be beside you,Arianna she can't help it )))
    i think any one would like to be always beside some one like you .....